Anyone still use it?

August 5, 2003

The design tool I used before handcoding and Dreamweaver, NetObjects Fusion , released their version 7.5. This is the second edition, after the original NetObjects went into oblivion.

It was probably the best WYSIWYG web design program out there. Much better for a beginner than FrontPage. I designed my first Hutcheson page in Fusion and my first few commercial efforts too. I would design the pages in NOF, then manage the sites in FrontPage. Wow, what a horrible way to manage a site.

I started leafing through my old “Creating Killer Sites” book, remembering when it was the holy grail of web design. And David Siegel, the Killer Site author, loved how the layout was all in a single directory….about, index, etc all in the root. It took forever to ween myself away from that philosophy…..and 1 pixel spacer gif’s too.