August 8, 2003

Some photos from our vacation to Sanibel Island are included on the new photo page{.liinternal}. I’ve also added photos from our Vegas trip and my trip to Hilton Head in April. Some older photos, like our trip to La Grange and Warm Springs Georgia, have been included as well. Over the next week, I’ll add a couple of galleries of my other trips and photography projects.

I’m using PhotoStack , a PHP-based photo script. The templates are based on Dean’s and work well with the application. I used Movable Type previously , but this script does almost everything I need. It’s a little buggy when you try to upload from within the program, but if you just manually update one file and FTP up a directory, then it works perfectly.

**update** one thing I’m gonna do, is resize those images. iPhoto’s export sucks unless you use something like the BetterHTML plugin. So I’ll probably setup a Photoshop batch action and resize all of those in one swoop.