Food Saturday

August 9, 2003

I did this a week ago, and meant to write it up….so I made a mental note of it while at Mojo Buritto last night (great little place, 1st time there…mmm elmo black bean buritto).

Mike’s Sirloin

1lb Sirloin (fresh not frozen)

plastic wrap



1/4 tsp Olive Oil

1 saucer

1 plate

Cast Iron skillet ($4-6 at Ace hardware or Wal-Mart)

Take enough plastic wrap to cover your steak. Beat steak with rolling pin or other heavy item (cast iron pan?) until the steak is evenly flatter than it originally was. Open up wrap and medium coat both sides of the steak with salt (kosher or ocean) and black pepper (freshly ground). Heat a cast iron skillet on the stove top with medium heat. Coat pan with the oil and allow to warm. Put steak in pan for 6 minutes a side (medium well)….never pressing the steak.

While the steak is cooking, take one plate and set it like you normally would. Take the saucer and invert it (bottom up) and place it onto the plate. After the steak is finished, pull steak outta the pan and set onto the smaller saucer for 5 minutes. Don’t probe, pick, press, or cut the steak until that 5 minutes is over. And if your meat is good and you did everything I said, then you should have a damn tender, juicy, and flavorfull sirloin steak with no steak sauce or marinade.

Story behind the steak. We decided to have a nice meal and get ourselves some steaks from the local Fresh Market . I cooked these steaks (probably based on an Alton Brown method, but it’s not in his book) and we received a call from the in-laws. Now we never go out with our in-laws, so we wound up putting the steaks up and saved them for the next day. We went to a steakhouse with Niki’s parents and the steak was dry and tough and nowhere near as good as the ones I cooked…and the steakhouse steak cost more.

Music behind the steak. I probably listened to some Richard Thompson or some random song via iTunes shuffling through my library. It’s been a week, I can’t quite remember.