Why Must I Use Entourage?

August 14, 2003

I can’t believe I didn’t write about this, but Microsoft finally added Exchange support to Entourage …kinda. Outlook was the only Classic application I used, and just hoped that Microsoft would put everything into a good package, so I can finally ditch Classic. While I can connect to my Exchange mailbox and calendar, the whole directory system is crap.

Entourage is no Outlook, and I actually still miss Outlook 2000 from my Windows days for work. Entourage doesn’t import Outlook mailboxes and the whole interface is clunky. The Exchange additions have been crammed into the existing client, and was probably done as a way to sell the next version of Entourage.

I downloaded the Entourage update on the day it came out. I stopped this morning. I’m using Mail.app and the Address Book, built into OS X Jaguar. Actually thanks to a neat little program called Address X, I can use the Address Book to manage my Exchange contacts. Snerdware , the makers of Address X, have a product called GroupCal coming out. GroupCal will allow iCal to work with Exchange….something I will use instead of Exchange. Right now, I’m using a static calendar, exported from Entourage…it works for me. If Apple would combine Mail.app, Address Book, and iCal into one program it would really be a killer app.