August 18, 2003

I’ve made some minor changes around here, until the new design goes online in the coming weeks. I’ve more-or-less combined my old “weblog” and “blogrolling” bookmarks into the same list. The current weblog bookmarks have some blogs I’ve started to look at, but occasionally visit. I’ve also added a couple of the local bloggers to my blogroll, it’s not complete but it’s getting there.

**update** I should also let it be known, that originally I moved all of the “A-List Webloggers” to the “weblog” section. I changed my opinion of putting those overly linked A-Listers on the front page so I moved ’em back. If I read ya’ daily, then you’re on the blogroll regardless….

_On Syndication….._How many people actually use my syndicated feeds? I have feeds for almost everyone, but would like to know the numbers. I don’t use an RSS reader, I’ve tried them, but I don’t see the benefit.

_On here….._Yes, I had a design ready, but I went back to fix a couple of things and wound up redoing everything from scratch. New graphics, new layout, but the same ideas. I’m just having problems in Mozilla and Opera, for some reason IE (Mac & Win) along with Safari display the new template perfect. Plus, I’ve been working and those projects need to be completed first.

_On here II….._I’ve purchased a domain for my business. It’s nothing but a blank shell, but something will be there eventually. It’s going to be the domain for my small freelance web design & marketing business . Originally that was the domain I wanted, almost three years ago, when I registered I really wanted to separate my personal pages with my business pages, as my business has seemed to pick up a bit, and this domain fell from the sky. So, I have a few ideas about the design I want. For now, though, I’m in the process of transferring the existing M.Kelley Public Works design to the new business site.

_On here III….._The 14th was the official 3rd birthday of the domain. On August 14th, 2000 , I moved my blog from the old domain to this current one.