August 22, 2003

I visited some old friends of mine, who play around the region as Moe Savvy . Before everything started, I was sitting on a jam room couch talking to the guitarist, Eddie, while the drummer’s son (probably 5th-6th grade) was jamming on a bass guitar. This kid is playing the bass line to “Smells Like Teen Spirit“. Ed looked at me and we both kinda grinned, because we were in that same place…we were learning old Ozzy and Zeppelin while now they’re learning Nirvana. Although, we were probably around 14 when we did so.

We talked about updating their site and possibly adding a weblog on there too. I also sat-in and played a little hand percussion while drinking a nice beer. Along the way, there was talk about our old band, “Rubber Soul”, doing a 10th anniversary gig sometime in October. If we can get our former singer to sit in, it might be a great little evening.

So now, my hands hurt like hell. That little djembe cut through the amps, but my hands did most of the work. It was neat hearing songs we wrote 10 years ago, being played by a tight band who had that time to improve on those songs and make them their own. I’ve always regretted when bands break up. We had to give up really good songs, and then start from scratch. To hear that a song you recorded, being played by someone else, is to me, flattery.