August 26, 2003

Does anyone watch Monster House? I didn’t like it at first, but it’s not a bad show. When I first saw it the host, Steve Watson , looked familiar. I didn’t know why until today (via Silverberry ). He’s from Chattanooga and was on the comedy circuit for a while and I really want to say that he opened for a friend of mine.

(kinda) “famous” Chattanoogans:

Bessie Smith

Samuel L. Jackson

Lewis Smith , “Perfect Tommy” in Buckaroo Banzai and Bobby in that crappy film “The Heavenly Kid”

Steve Watson

Todd Nance (drummer from Widespread Panic)

Roscoe Tanner (former tennis great, who has/had my old German Shepard “Sparky”)

So my advice to those who will eventually become famous Chattanoogans: Move. You’re not going to be discovered here. Bessie and Sam Jackson moved to NYC. Todd Nance moved to Atlanta/Athens. Steve & Lewis moved to L.A.. Roscoe returned and keeps getting arrested .