August 29, 2003

Went to the wonderful little Southside Grill for lunch today. Had pork meatballs with BBQ onions and broccoli. Yum! For dessert, the triple chocolate brownie with homemade (well it’s Clumpie’s) peanut butter ice cream with a raspberry sauce. The prices weren’t bad and the food was oh-so good. I was going to fast today, but forgot about our little office lunch.

Plus it was a good day, especially since I woke up to the news that I got a bonus . I wish I could buy a wi-fi router with that cash, but Circuit City can now be paid off. Not to talk about money in public, but we’re finally getting out of that financial slump we’ve been in. We can now see the light at the end of the tunnel…getting a bonus helps, plus returning from vacation and receiving a substantial raise helped too. I’d be remised if I didn’t mention my freelancing has paid more bills than I ever thought it would.

Most of August has, quite honestly, sucked. Actually I can’t remember an August in my lifetime that didn’t suck. I have a couple of long posts to add, as my laptop has been dead with a power adapter issue, preventing me from getting online. I can easily write a country song about this month: My Mother having to sell her house, her car dying, my Jeep’s air conditioning dying, just being an emotional and sick wreck the entire month.

Oh well, that’s life. Somedays you eat in a nice restaurant, other days you have to brown bag it.