Power adapters “ain’t” cheap.

September 2, 2003

We’ve lost three laptop power adapters in 8-9 days. Apparently one of our cats loves chewing on the rubbery cords, completely futzing up our power cords. My original iBook cord was chewed up, so I got the Generation Gap adapter to work with my old Wallstreet yo-yo adapter, then yesterday (or was it Sunday) I noticed a glow from the lower half of my cable, then I saw a spark. And today, after dinner, I noticed our PC laptop wasn’t showing it’s power cord light. I picked up the cord and it was sooooo frayed. Luckily, I had a spare Compaq adapter, so we do have one computer working.

I think the spark on the iBook adapter sent a surge to my laptop. It acted funny for a few minuted. I pulled the battery out and reset the power management module and it works fine. A new adapter should be in this week. All of this really sucks, because I was hoping to sell that little iBook in the next few weeks. I’ll have to test the book with the new adapter before I can ebay anything. I decided to get an eMac late last month, and thought I could almost sell the iBook with a little cash to upgrade to a G4. We’re now putting our cables up and punishing the cats for their evilness. At the worst, the iBook gets sent back to Apple for repair and we don’t get the eMac for a while.

So I’m Mac-less for a few more days, playing around on our new wireless setup with a Windows PC. But at least we can satisfy our net addiction.