September 6, 2003

Lots of things going on in the analog world: We’re working feverously at Mom’s house….too many things to do, from cleaning siding, carpeting, etc. We’ve been moving stuff and trying to the get the house presentable for an open house. Please buy it….$99,500.

It seems we will be housesitting my Aunt’s townhouse, for the next 2-4 weeks. It will give us a good opportunity to see if we actually like townhomes, because we already know we don’t like apartments. It’s a nice two-story place in Hixon and it’s complete with two Shih Tzus. We’re heading over tonight to get the schedule from my Aunt so we’re already planning on how to accustom our cats to the dogs. Ziggy hates any cat or dog, that’s not living here. So we’re thinking about how to make things peaceful for at least 2 weeks.

I’m trying to get some work done on this Windows laptop. I have an old version of Dreamweaver and AbiWord on here, and maybe I can get some simple design and work bits together. It will be at least two weeks before I have my iBook back.

I have a new design for this site, that really needs to go live. Too bad there are too many little Windows problems, or it would have been easy to go live. My past months’ weekends have been spent getting a house sold, so getting my new sites out has been impossible. But we’ll work through it.