RIAA Sues Poor Little Girl, takes lunch money, gives wedgie, swirly.

September 10, 2003

I know everyone is talking about this, but what kind of people sue a 12 year-old girl living in the projects? She settled for $2k and the whole story shows what kind of bullies those damn RIAA people are. I’ll bet those artists will see nary a dime of what those extortionists pull from that little girl’s mom.

The best quote of the day, comes from Verizon’s lawyer:

The top lawyer for Verizon Communications Inc., William Barr, charged earlier yesterday during a Senate hearing that music lawyers had resorted to a “campaign against 12-year-old girls” rather than trying to help consumers turn to legal sources for songs online. Verizon’s Internet subsidiary is in a protracted legal fight against the RIAA over copyright subpoenas sent Verizon customers

EFF: Let the Music Play


Wow. over $880 has been donated today to help the 12 year-old RIAA victim.