Stealing the Sheep

September 15, 2003

Yesterday was my first time, in about 12 years, that I went to church for something other than a funeral or a wedding. Honestly, I’m very cynical toward organized religion. I’ve seen more emphasis on buildings and business connections than with the community a church should serve. My previous churches were more into condemning rock music and building huge buildings, than actually getting out into the community.

The one we visited yesterday, was a small Baptist church with a very friendly open atmosphere. Very friendly. I’ve met the preacher before and he’s an old-school southern preacher, but without the fire and brimstone. Good stories. Very casual. They really seem to want to build their community by outreach.

I hesitated in talking about this. IMHO, religion is a personal thing. I’ve always tried to be objective about people’s beliefs, non-beliefs and their views of spirituality. I judge people on being people, not on check boxes. Forever the cynic, blind faith isn’t something I’m good with. So, I’m going into this with an open mind and a willingness to learn.