Wesley Clark for President?

September 17, 2003

In another, usually taboo, subject for this week. What does everyone think about Wesley Clark deciding to run? I know many out here in the (((cringe))) “blogosphere” support Dean. But will Clark eventually turn into a strong candidate…enough to pull voters from everyone else? I’m not into politics like I once was (PoliSci major) , but would like to know what some of “you democrats” think about this whole thing. I’m a little disappointed there isn’t a strong 3rd Party candidate, and was actually hoping that Clark would run as an Independent.

I’m still undecided on who gets my vote. The whole economy would have still been shit regardless of the outcome of the 2000 election, Bush gets a bad rap for that. We lived in a false economy during the late 90’s and eventually (and did) that bubble bursts. Now, I just wonder how his handling of the economy, nevermind the war, compares to what we went through in the Reagan 80’s? Unemployment, inflation, the economy seems to be similar, but we’re in worse shape. Would a Clark or Dean be able to pull us out?