September 18, 2003

It’s kinda like a mini-vacation, so we’ve packed up to housesit. It’s not a straight 3-4 week gig, as my Aunt will return on the weekends, but we’re going ahead and just pack up a week of clothes at a time. I thought about bringing the cable modem and wireless router, but I’m going to hold off on that.

The biggest change in housesitting, will be the commutes into work. Niki is use to a 5 minute drive to the salon, and I’m dealing with at least a 20 minute drive into downtown. I don’t think there is as bad a school zone backup as there is on E.Brainerd Road, so driving around Hixon to get to work seems a little easier. I’ll know tomorrow.

I’m going to get up a little earlier to get use to the routine of the little dogs we’re responsible for. It’s a whole routine of opening the back door, feeding a treat, opening a gate, playing with the dogs, etc. I know I’ve missed a step somewhere. Cats are just so much easier, they poop in a box, they eat out of a bowl and sleep anytime they want. It’s something I have to get use to again.

We’ve opted to leave the cats at home. Since we’re not staying an entire month-long stretch at the place, and since we’re only about 15 minutes away the trouble of upsetting the cats and training them to a new place was considered more of a problem than leaving them at home, with a giant water supply and a giant food supply, like we do 24/7/365. Just have to venture over occasionally to clean the box and just play with the cats. Cats just seem a little more self-sufficient than dogs.

It should be fun and we’re looking forward to housesitting. It’s a little change in our schedules and a change in our lifestyle, but we’re going to have fun. We’ll probably spoil those little dogs, like we spoil our own niece and nephews. Hopefully everything will be fine.