Timeline of Things that Kick Ass

September 19, 2003

at 18 – This drum kit Kicks Ass

at 23 – My band kicks ass

at 24 – That JB & Dr. Pepper Kicks Ass

at 26 – Y2k Kicked my Ass

at 26 – My new job Kicks Ass

at 27 – My moron boss is Kicking my Ass

at 27 – My wife Kicks Ass

at 28 – My new job Kicks Ass

at 29 – My insurance Kicks Ass


My Lawnmower Kicks Ass

My Lawn Kicks Ass

My Kids Kick Ass

Paying for College Kicks my Ass

Social Security Kicks Ass

President Timberlake kicks my Ass

That burial plot Kicks Ass

Prunes Kick Ass

** Please feel free to add your own **