Where the F* is Okefenokee Joe When You Need Him?

September 27, 2003

Ok, I just killed a snake in my bedroom. I first saw it in the closet, where after not screaming like a 12 year-old girl, I rapidly got the cats to my Jeep. I then called our maintenance group to see if someone would come over and get the damn thing out. They don’t do snakes, and as I found out neither does animal control after 3pm on Saturday.

I came back in and found the little bastard roaming around the middle of the bedroom. It started to slink toward the back wall{.liinternal}, before I could get my machete. I used the machete to pull the snake out a little….two wacks and it was dead.

I’m now in belief it’s a king snake. I’m still not sure, but that’s what all the info I can find leads to. The Eastern Snake Forum is a good resource. I have a question up right now, but everything else seems to point out king snakes.


Oh, BTW http://www.okefenokeejoe.com/ ._