September 29, 2003

I finally finally got my iBook up and running, after about a 3-4 week downtime. First the inverter board died and Apple had it fixed and returned in less than 36 hours. I had it home, then realized my power adapter was dead. So, I wasn’t too sure if the iBook’s power module was out, or I had a d.o.a. adapter. Luckily, one of the wonderful Chugalug members had an adapter I could test out, before calling up Apple, again. He also let me know of a local Apple Authorized warranty center. I called them, and had an adapter within days.

Now I’m a little behind on my work, so I’m going to be playing catchup. I also have tons of invoices to send out, so the downtime also effected my income. The downtime also made me realize how much I like using OS X. I used a nice little Windows 2000 laptop for the past few weeks, and just missed using OS X. I had some of the same tools, but it wasn’t the same.

So, I now have an iBook that has a new inverter board, motherboard, & power adapter. I also have about 3 months left on my original 1 year warranty. So I’m either going to spring for the 3 additional years of AppleCare, or sell the iBook and get a dedicated PowerMac desktop. I’m really looking at the eMacs and some of the old Blue & White or 1st Gen G4 PowerMacs. The refurb eMacs are going for under $650 with a G4 and 17″ monitor. I played around with one at the Apple Store, and actually like them better than the 15″ & 17″ iMacs.

The reason I’m looking at the B&W and 1st Gen G4’s is more of a desktop mindset…..I can’t fix a laptop, but I can fix a tower. I can replace motherboards and anything else without worries and they’re not as fragile. When I’m down for almost a month, due to 2 power adapter problems, a desktop is looking better. I’ll probably get a cheap clamshell iBook for travel later.