September 30, 2003

[“_Opera announces strategic licensing agreement with Adobe

Create and test once and for all platforms and screen sizes_“](

I really don’t know if I like this. Opera isn’t exactly the best example of a browser that is on (almost) every platform. It’s a little buggier than it should be, and at times it’s a headache to get a standards-based site to render normal in. Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 04 uses Opera as well, and it’s probably the reason I won’t upgrade.

I always wonder about partnerships like the Adobe/Opera one. Mozilla is Open Source and renders more standardly than Opera or even Safari/KHTML. Taking the source of Mozilla or KHTML would be more financially sound, plus they have a larger user base. Web designers almost always test in some variant of Mozilla.

I guess the main reason Adobe added Opera to GoLive, was to be on-par with Dreamweaver. DW has it, so why not GoLive? They’ll add something like Opera but not the ability to work on dynamic sites. And that’s the fatal flaw. Adobe has never “got” the web. I love InDesign and if it was a web tool, I’d use it. I’ve never saw why they wouldn’t take something like the Quark-esque “Freeway ” web design tool and add capabilities that exist in InDesign. Instead they made a bad clone of Dreamweaver.