Quick Briefs

October 1, 2003

It’s an extremely busy week, so I just have time to make a few announcements:

  • Please update your links to http://mkelley.net/{.liinternal}
  • Entry comments are now closed after 7 days.
  • Some spammer is using mkelley.net in a couple of spams out there…but they didn’t hide their IP too well, so I’ve been emailing abuse addresses lately.
  • I’ll be at the “Rock & Country Club” this Sunday, filling in on drums for Moe Savvy . It’s part 4 of the “Battle of the Bands” and we’ll be in rare form. The show should start around 10pm-ish and we’re (supposedly) the first act.
  • Cottage Grove, Wisconsin’s very own Doubledays , has a new site designed by yours truly (actually MKPW ) with backend by 2XLNetworks and Pete . Aside from being a work in progress, it’s valid XHTML and CSS, with a very simple and retro design that degrades well. Pete’s patience of my goofy ideas and delays is greatly appreciated. 🙂
  • *10-2-2003* Anyone know of a good webhost? While I’m not completely unhappy with BlogOMania , I’m starting to look around again. BOM’s hosting is really a reseller account through HostingMatters , so any host not associated with HostingMatters, Stargate or Dreamhost would be appreciated. I’m not looking for too much, just want mod_rewrite ability, subdomains, additional domains, php/mysql, decent support. If you don’t feel comfortable replying here, contact me “off air” via the contact link.
  • If you look to your right…Aside from the new-ish Sideblog, I also added a new section called “The Consumer”. It’s like Kevin Kelly’s Recomendo , but not. It’s more like a sideblog for the things I’ve used that I like or don’t like, with a brief little quote about it. Yes, most of it’s tied to Amazon, but I have a couple of non-Amazon things to include too. Thought?