Blogger in Chief

October 3, 2003

Cam announced today that he is the offical blogger of the Clark campaign . The Democrats have taken a lead in reaching out to the weblog community, not that we’re a large bunch. And in the grand scheme of things, I don’t know what kind of impact the weblogs will be in the upcoming election. It’s probably going to wind up being another source of political FUD like every other source of media has become.

I’m still pretty open on who will get my vote and a candidate with a weblog isn’t high up on the list. It’s great that they’re using a staffer to put news online, but how different is that than the newsletters that every candidate sends out? While it’s nice that we’re getting all gooey about weblogs standing out, it’s really no different than the Raging Cow blogs earlier this year. Just another form of viral marketing…except with legitimate bloggers.

Gary Hart was probably the first to go out there and blog, everyone else had a young staffer or two and brought up this cool new form of communication. So… every main candidate out there is hopping on the blog bandwagon. What happens when they get elected? Is there going to be a Chief Blogger?