Elvis Has Left the Building…

October 6, 2003

Well, the gig tonight (well it’s Monday morning now) went well. We wound up going on last, at around 1am, and kicking serious ass booty. We wound up winning this round of the Battle of the Bands and will play again next week, hopefully at an earlier time.

I could tell a dozen stories that would equally sound like what happened to us tonight/this morning. We brought our own sound guy, but I had just a baad monitor mixer, meaning I couldn’t hear our guitarist when he went electric. It was a handicap…and every band had their own…from feedback on mics to the bass being mixed horribly low and vocals being low in the mix.

I don’t think I heard a bad band tonight, exceptional drummers of all ages and just a large diversity of music. It was the first time I heard of this band called “Clockwork Orange”, who played a little like STP with some Zep thrown in. They just seriously kicked my ass. I was getting a little worried, honestly.

We played through our set and the DJ announced us off, while the crowd chanted “More More More”. Since I’m filling in, I had no idea of their other songs, so we wound up playing “Stop” by Jane’s Addiction….the last time I played that with these guys was around 1995 and we didn’t screw up at all. Just a total rockstar moment.

So, I’m tired and trying to see if I can get into work by 9am.