More Aspirin, Please

October 7, 2003

I started having a little problem in my wrist and joints in my right arm. Initially I thought it was related to all of the work I’ve been doing, trying to get my Mom’s house sellable. I noticed a little bit of pain when I switched from the Apple Pro Mouse, to a MS Trackball Explorer. The pain started to get worse and worse, until yesterday, I pulled the plug on the trackball and switched back to the Apple mouse. I didn’t have any pain in the evening and currently either. I like that trackball and it’s functionality, but it’s almost a threat to my career if I continue it’s use.

The trackball was ideal, because I have a small space for a mouse. I like Apple’s mouse, but missed having a scroll wheel. Actually, I’ve said it many times, I like one button mice, but I’d love to have a scroll in one. It would probably ruin Apple’s ascetics to do so, however.

I believe that the trackball was too high in the middle, putting a high arc on my wrist. I adjusted my seat, posture and keyboard tray and nothing would help with that angle. With a mouse, my wrist usually rests on a Fellows gel mouse pad with a very low-stress position.

I’ve always been overly careful about my wrists, being both a drummer and a computer power user…..both usually an invitation to tendonitis or CTS. But when I started to have pain, not numbness, I knew something was wrong. Hopefully that fixed it.