Random Nova

October 12, 2003

I’m watching “Soundstage ” with former Chicago singer, Peter Cetera as the headliner. I watched for a little bit, as Cetera went through his sometimes overly sappy solo songs, but he also sang a song that I have a little story about, Chicago’s “If You Leave Me Now” .

That song was originally was on Chicago “X” and came out around 1976. Now here is where I come in. That song is the first song I remember. I was 2 years old and have this flash of memory every time I hear that song. I remember riding around in my Mom’s old blue Chevy Nova and for some reason I associate riding down Broad St. with both the car and song.

It’s strange how we associate songs with uneventful memories. I was probably on my way to the doctor or to my babysitter, just something totally random. Why have I remembered that song longer than anything else?