Just Once…

October 16, 2003

Just once would I love to download the latest release of Mozilla for OS X and have NTLM/ISA support ready to go. The Windows version works decently with a little hack for Windows 98. I still believe that the whole Mozilla group shot themselves in the foot, by letting this lag for the past few years.

based on a couple of conversations I’ve had…..

Mozilla Coders: “Arg, Lets Beat Microsoft”

User: “Um, I can’t use Mozilla behind my company’s Microsoft firewall.”

MC : “Oh, that’s too bad. Oo Oo Tabbed Browsing, Oo Oo Flash Screen.”

U: “But you would have more users if you would just do this for us corporate users. And we could beat Microsoft.”

MC: “Uh, can’t you use a Squidmonetron Fazzle Dazzle PHP Proxy?”

U: “Nope, it’s for my Office.”

MC: “Well, hack the source.”

U: “I”m not a programmer”

MC: “Tell your company to ditch the system”

U: “Obviously, you’ve never worked in a large company, where they’ve spent millions and would laugh to ditch an expensive system because Mozilla wouldn’t work”.

U: “You know, fuck this. I’m going to use IE because it works, while you idiots fight over what icon Firebird’s going to use. ”