Pitching Blogs

October 20, 2003

I had an interesting conversation with someone at a local TV station. They have a special coming up and they were telling me about how the person in the special is going to document a couple of aspects of the event with a digital camera with video capability. Which I think is a unique idea…why have someone carry around a bulky betacam when they could carry a little camera, like my Canon A40, to shoot emailable video clips.

So after we talked about digital cameras and a/v capabilities, I pitched the idea of a weblog to the TV person. “Have the person supplement his report on your website with something like a journal. You’d keep your visitors interested both at news time and around the clock via the web”. They were warm on the idea, but the station doesn’t believe in promoting their website. They feel it takes eyes away from the TV advertisers and they really couldn’t get the ad rates online.

So I tried. Tried to get a weblog somewhere in the local media, but they’re not ready for em’.