Viva La Negativity

October 22, 2003

Viva La Negativity

Maybe I’m tired. I really don’t know if that has anything to do with my opnions and thoughts recently. They’ve all bordered on the negative while I’m really upbeat about the mass of projects ahead of me. So this is a little post of mini posts about what’s going on:

– I was really negative about Niki’s boss’ wedding this weekend. “My Big Fat Redneck Wedding” would be the movie title I’d pull for. I’m really negative about her boss anyway, since she’s not that good of a boss to begin with. It was probably one of the most expensive/worst weddings I’ve attended.

– My desk has looked like shit for the past month. That the mountain of dead trees to my left was a huge reminder of how much I organize in piles and the numerous projects I’ve been empowered to complete. I knew where everything was, but it looked like hell. So, manila envelopes abound, my desk’s wooden top can be seen again. I also found my XML book, not that I have even the vaguest of notions on where to start with something other than the little bits of ASP and PHP I know.

– We wound up not being selected to advance to the finals of the “Battle of the Bands”. We agree with two of the selections, they rocked, the final we feel was let in for connections-sake. Oh well, you win some you lose some. We will, however, be headlining this Saturday at “The Local”.

– You know, sometimes you envision what you’re working on. Be it a carpenter truing up the sides of a kitchen cabinet, a mechanic getting that 78′ Camaro running better than before, or a graphic designer putting together a mock-up. You can sit and get everything looking…well wonderful, then you hand it off or sell it to someone who has a vision of their own. Maybe they put flames on that Chevy, screw a wine rack into your cabinet or completely change your modern design into something else. Sure you wince at the site of your baby, and know that it looks like hell because you didn’t do it, but sometimes you have to accept it. Gnashing of teeth aside, you have to accept it.

But like I said above, I’m upbeat about the projects ahead of me. I’m working on a new site at work, a site for a friend’s new business, the redesign of Moe Savvy’s page, and two new clients in the past week. The band thing is going well, and I’ll probably stay on as a percussionist when the drummer heals up. I’ve missed playing, but they have a good drummer, so I’ll play a djembe instead.

You know….it could be worse.