Disraeli Gears

October 27, 2003

The gig at The Local went very well. It’s an interesting place, and they’re about a million times better toward the bands than any other place I can remember. Free Drinks? A good in-house soundman? I thought it was a dream at first, but that’s just the type of place it is. Very supportive and they even purchased one of our CDs. Plus we received a large wad of cash for the evening as well.

One of our cover tunes, is Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love”. Typical psychedelic blues rock from the 60’s, that’s fun to play. I’ve been playing that song, literally, for half of my life and listening to it since I was 12. My very first band played that song and I have deep memories about it.

We had this history teacher who looked like John Lennon and was a bass player to boot. My bass player, at the time, purchased a neat little bass and cabinet from this guy and he came to check us out during one of our Saturday practices. We rambled through the song and he corrected some of the lyrics, and for some reason we started joking about the incorrect english in the line, “It’s the morning and just we two.” I don’t know why, but I still laugh about that.

*update* Apparently someone else thought we kicked ass too!