November 6, 2003

Although my thinking on this is in the early, early stages. pre-Alpha. I’m starting to look at another CMS, besides Movable Type, to manage my company’s website. While I absolutely love using Movable Type, it basically feels like I’m doing more hacking than I really should have to. This isn’t a fault of Movable Type, more like a change in my thinking about site management.


Friendly URLs.

Ease of Use.

Easy to insert MT code into templates.

Admin via a browser.

Good Support forum, but lacking in ASP knowledge (not their fault).


No Content Expiration

No Sub-Categories

Assorted little problems with using it as an event calendar.

This is only my early thinking. I’m not looking at anything currently, but I’d like to move away from blog software….and I’m not a huge backer of the “build it in-house” mentality. It also has to run on IIS and Microsoft and can be PHP, ASP, Perl, etc.

Most of the changes in my opinion about this particular site’s management, is mainly because I’m the gatekeeper of this program…the editor, for lack of a better word. I personally update the site, no one else has the time to do so. Our new web committee will have a voice, but it all will come back to my management of the site.

I still plan on using Movable Type for another work project coming up and possibly keeping the latest news posted. Using something like CityDesk or Contribute. would probably ideal….keeping the files on my HD.

I really miss using NetObjects Fusion. I could design a template and setup individual files to feed off of that one template. But that required hundreds of content files, and as I’m typing this….it’s just a little different than using Movable Type with templates. Epiphany!