HOWTO : Drive

November 10, 2003

I’ve sat by and watched more and more people in the Chattanooga-area who do not

grasp a couple of things when driving. It’s pissed me off enough, that I’ve jotted

them down….

  1. Directional Indicator Paralysis (DIP) or people who cannot ever use a “blinker” to
indicate where they’re turning. I’ve also found out that the larger/more
expensive a car/suv/truck, the more likely the driver has DIP.   2. Go back to your drivers manual and look at the section where it emphasizes
that the left lane is the “Passing Lane”. If people are having
to swerve around you, then you don’t belong in that lane….same thing for
freeway lane.    3. Speed Limit signs are there for a reason. If you’re not going the speed
limit or the same speed as your neighbor, then move to the right lane. Do
not try
to slow me down, this is how “road rage” started.    4. Green = Go.   5. Cutting across three lanes of traffic to make an exit is just bad
karma waiting to happen.    6. When driving to Hamilton Place, please be aware that
there is a very nice exit directly to the mall. Going down E.Brainerd to
get to Gunbarrel is just pissing
off the locals. See #2 & #5.   7. This is more of an observation: I’ve been cut-off
by more SUVs with Jesus fishes and/or soccer ball stickers than anyone
else. WWJD? Probably use a blinker
and merge or wave you on. I’ve never been cut-off by a VW Bus. 

Remember: Road Rage isn’t a condition, but an art form.