Short Posts

November 11, 2003

  • Updates will be light, as there has been a death in our extended family. We’re traveling to Atlanta for Wednesday’s funeral mass.
  • I’ve installed MTBlacklist , so if you have any problems, let me know via email….mkelley at the domain you’re visiting.
  • Thanks to Noel Jackson , I’ve added a little random photo on the page from my Photostack -powered photo gallery{.liinternal}.
  • I’ll be playing percussion for Moe Savvy , this Thursday (the 13th) at Rhythm & Brews . Show starts around 9-9:30.
  • Posting should return to normal this weekend, the 15th.
  • [11pm] Ok, so we’re tired and in Atlanta. Staying at a nice Drury Hotel with free broadband. It’s as much bling bling as we can get on our budget.