digesting reloaded

November 17, 2003

Our NetFlix cache also included “The Matrix : Reloaded” and I have to say it wasn’t a bad movie. But there was a lot to digest in such a short time. I thought the action was great and the effects too, the dialogue was a little draining, but they’re trying to portray Neo as the Messiah of Zion and his becoming adapted toward believing that himself.

I’d almost have to say that there really needed to be a 4th movie to make the 2nd movie make a little more “digestible”…spread the 2nd movie into more about Neo’s transformation and Smith’s hacking the Matrix and move the search of the keymaker to a 3rd movie with a transition into “Matrix Revolutions”.

Taking Jenny J’s recommendation to watch “The Animatrix”, I’ll possibly rent that before I see “Revolutions”. Maybe that would help me digest more about the whole plot and ideas about the movies.