Server Go Boom!

November 20, 2003

I’m currently trying to calm the f**k down, as Bloghosts had a drive failure last night/this morning, where *everyone* lost Wednesday’s data. For me, that was about 10 good sideblog posts (instead of the normal crappy ones), emails on the server, spam settings and some of my bookmarks. Quadruple double unfun. So, I’ll probably have to make myself start a daily concurrent backup plan (MySQL and from within MT) to keep this from happening in the future. And yes, I’ll be the first to admit that this has shaken my confidence in the otherwise wonderful service that Bloghosts provides.

I’ve had a hosting account for the past 3.5 years, with about a half dozen IHPs and haven’t lost a single bit of data until today. The only other time I’ve lost data on a computer network was when my former boss didn’t back up the network for a month…What good is a RAID if the tape server doesn’t work…costing the job of said boss plus our director who was the best boss I’ve had….but that’s another story entirely.

But I will commend, highly commend, Jace and the crew at Bloghosts about how fast they got the word out and the drive repaired. They run a tight ship, but it pushes the need of daily backups into my daily schedule.

p.s. this also pushes my need for a larger than 32mb USB thumb drive. My birthday is coming up (12/7), and the one on my Amazon wishlist would make a wonderful gift :).