11 Points of Light

November 24, 2003

Couple of random notes about the site, the policies, and etc…

  1. If
you click on the date or the month in the date block, you will now be taken
to the respective archive….ie, clicking on the “24” will take you to the
archive of November 24th and clicking on November will take you to the November
archive page. I hope to add a yearly archive in the next few weeks. _there are a few bugs, but nothing major._   2. I’ve also made the Sideblog a little more readable and more presentable.
While it’s still an organized list, it’s now styled better for my eyes. The
is a little better and looks better on screen. I hope to add a couple of
features to the Sideblog in the coming weeks, things like XML feeds and better
archives.   3. I know I’ve asked about XML feeds numerous times, but if I dropped every
feed except one what would that feed need to be? RSS 2.0? I don’t use a newsreader,
but still want to provide syndication for the people who read the site
one. Maintaining one template is far easier than maintaining the current
5 I’m using.   4. I’ve installed [MT-Blacklist](http://www.jayallen.org/projects/mt-blacklist/) ,
so if something funky happens, let me know.   5. I’m hereby making a policy against Michael Jackson on the weblog. There
will be no posts about the former gloved one, his sexual tastes, plastic
etc. I personally do not care if he is guilty or not, and the media circus
surrounding him is just rotting brain cells around the world.   6. There might be more discussions about Politics, as I’m starting to get
more involved in what’s going on around us. Sorry, it’s been an informal
to not talk
about politics, but with an election coming up, I need more space. I’ll
probably vote Nader if he runs….Dean is a big joke, a liberal wet-dream
if you will.
And Bush…well I’m feeling exactly like I did in ’92 when the elder Bush
was up for reelection…unsure of the world in his power. Remember ’92 was
era of Chuck Harder, Fat Rush Limbaugh (92 Rush and 02 Rush are completely
New World Order, etc. So I was completely fucking paranoid about GHW Bush
winning, so I voted Perot and still would today. Go back and read some of
Perot’s predictions,
circa 92, and see how he was right.   7. With the politics policy changing, I’m also still leaving my comments open
more than usual. No longer will the comments close after 7 or 30 days.
MT-Blacklist is now running, so I have no reason to lock down the older comments.
I’m going
back and opening a couple of the old threads back up…   8. Elle is back, she emailed me a couple of weeks ago about a couple of things,
and she was down because of a bad host. So [Evoque](http://www.evoque.org/)  is
back up.   9. Wow 2003 has just flown by….aside from the war & losing loved ones, it’s
been rather uneventful.  10. My 30th birthday is December 7th and while I felt like an old man for most
of the year, I’m feeling better right now. My wishlist is available at
the top for
all or in lieu of gifts, please donate to the [National Kidney Foundation](http://www.kidney.org/) , [American Diabetes Association](http://diabetes.org/) , [Amyloidosis Network International](http://amyloidosis.org/contributions.asp) , & the [American Thyroid Association](http://www.thyroid.org/) .
We support these groups personally and for our friends.  11. Last but not least, have a Happy Thanksgiving.