NTLM’s Primer Flames

November 25, 2003

After much, much bitching, Mozilla now has cross-platform NTLM support . So that means I can now use Firebird as my main browser at work. It’s such an improvement over the IE 5.2.3 I’ve been using. I can also work entirely in OS X for some of my work that involved NTLM.

I read about this at home and immediately downloaded every nightly for OS X that I could. Mozilla, “Yep (giggles girlishly)”, Camino “Yep (giggles girlishly)”, and finally Firebird “Yep (giggles girlishly)”. I’m now going through and seeing what else I can run within Mozilla. I tried NewsMonster, but it’s throwing up a Java error on running this beta.

Now I absolutely love Apple’s Safari browser, more than Firebird. But I’m almost to the point of switching to Firebird so I can use the same browser at work and home, plus I ran Firebird on my old Windows laptop, plus I’m switching my clients over to it as well.

I’ll admit I’m still giggling girlishly about using Mozilla at work. I talked about it with one of the tech people a few weeks ago and we were both lamenting about how Firebird was cool, but we couldn’t run it behind our firewall. Now we can. Although, it’s not a smooth process, it’s a doable one. If they would just change the authentication screen to look like the Windows network login, then it wouldn’t be an issue.

**let me also toot my own horn a bit. I was also the first person to blog about an experimental OS X version of Phoenix/Firebird way back in January.{.liinternal}