November 28, 2003

I know many of you out there, write/talk about what you’re currently reading. It’s not that I’m not a reader, but my tastes vary so much that I go months without reading a book for fun. I tend to read a lot of biographies and just historical tomes that aren’t too popular. But my largest “problem” is that I go back and re-read many of the books in my small collection. I just like the stories, so I go back….like watching “Ferris Buhler’s Day Off” for the 20th time.

I’m also getting bored with television, so I spend way too much time on a laptop. I’m trying to get back into reading and using our exercise room as a replacement for television. (I look at a computer for most of the day, so going home to do that is no longer fun.) Hell, I might even get back into video games, I don’t know. But the extent of shows in TV has sunk.