November 30, 2003

My Jeep was broken-into Friday night. Now, I don’t drive a fancy car but I did have a couple of things in the Jeep that I’m wondering about. I would have never even noticed that my Jeep was “violated” if my serpentine belt hadn’t broke Friday afternoon and I headed out on Saturday to work on it and my broken hood latch as well. So here’s a list of what was taken:

Pair of sunglasses, purchased for $4 in 2000.

Socket set with broken screwdriver handle (shaft still in car) and missing 75% of sockets. Cost $10 in 1998.

Now here is a list of what they didn’t take:

Sony portable Discman, purchased in 1999 for $150.

Pearl 14×6.6 snare drum, eBay value $200.

Pearl 14×5 snare drum, eBay value $100.

So they gave up a working discman and two very pawn shop friendly snare drums to get about $14 of….crap. The CD was beside a case I know they went through. Not to say I don’t miss my stuff, as I really really liked those sunglasses, but the socket set is really my car kit and my good tools are elsewhere.

The criminal mind is a fun thing to wonder about. This was nothing but a petty theft, stupid criminals gave up about $450 dollars worth of stuff to get $14. No one else had a break-in that night, so I wonder why my crappy old Jeep was targeted?

We’re now throwing around the idea that our old neighbors{.liinternal} are gathering personal effects to put a spell on us for running them off for their late night northern Alabama folk-dancing{.liinternal}.