…”And the sky is a hazy shade of winter”

December 2, 2003



Time, see what’s become of me

While I looked around for my possibilities._ ”

Time is something I need more of. I try to at least time manage a little more of my life, I just don’t have the resources to get little things accomplished. I really need to work on this site more than I do, but my time is so tight.

Part of my time has been devoted to a new project at work….something good, but a little busy at times. I’m also trying to work on a proper business plan for a new business. I’m also trying to get a couple of sites out, so I can get paid. But time is so limited. I hate that I have to sleep.

In case you’re wondering, the new business involves two things that I’m not ready to discuss openly. They’ll probably bring in a little extra money, but they’re good for a little boutique business. But they’re also good to get your foot in the door. Just a hint, neither involve web design.