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December 4, 2003

Estrich’s article, “Politics of hate won’t beat Bush ” has the right mindset, but here is where I differ:

“The people whose votes Democrats will need to defeat George Bush don’t hate him. On a personal level, they like him. They need to be convinced not to vote for him, for reasons that have to do with the war, or special interests or the economy. “Hate Bush” headlines do just the opposite.”

Your typical “Yellow Dog Democrat ” is going to vote for a Democrat 100% of the time, the problem isn’t exactly what Estrich is saying. It’s not *why* should I not vote for Bush, but why should I vote for Dean?…or whomever will be the Dems’ presidential candidate.

Estrich’s right, instead of trying to show why Bush is “evil”, show why your candidate is better. Stop this “pResident Bush” and “He stole the election” bullshit and prove to the American public why a Dean, Clark or Kucinich is the better choice. All the fundraising in the world won’t work, if you can’t get those swing votes.

And the same goes for you Republicans. Show the American people why GWB deserves a 2nd trip without all of the crap associated with the extreme right (family values, etc). Moderates are their swing voters. Piss them off and they’re running to the Dems or a 3rd party.

And to both parties: Stop with the whole, “voting a 3rd party is wasting your vote ” nonsense. Those votes for Perot kept George Bush Sr. from returning to the White House. All you need is for a strong 3rd party candidate to come up and completely take votes away from both sides. I think Nader could take more away from the Dems than from the GOP, but again show us why you’re the better candidate.