Will Work for Teeth

December 9, 2003

Part of my complete dental freak-out{.liinternal} from last month, seemingly ended today. I looked for a second opinion on both treatment and cost and wound up saving about $2,500 on my dental work. We’re still looking at almost the same treatment plan with a few modifications. I can digest $3,500 better than the $7,000 I was initially quoted.

One of Niki’s clients works in the Dentist’s office (and is his Mom-in-law) and Niki explained our situation. They looked over my original estimate and thought they could do a little better. Just saving $50 on multiple treatments helps. While I’m not completely sure I like the Dentist, he was pretty honest about what needed to be done. I’m probably looking at dragging most of this our until 2005, just to get the insurance to pay for everything I need.

I should have offered a trade: a website for a dental bridge and porcelain veneers.