Goose Creek Terrorism

December 10, 2003

Raid might have broken drug-dog rules

�If you�re an innocent bystander to what has transpired here today, you can thank those people that are bringing dope into this school. Every time we think there�s dope in this school, we�re going to be coming up here to deal with it, and this is one of the ways we can deal with it,�

um – what happened to that whole “Innocent until proven guilty” thing we use to hear about? So they raided a school for the mere thought that they would possibly catch some dope fiends. But instead they just scared a bunch of teenagers with guns and dogs, probably reminiscent of many many movies about nazi Germany, and didn’t find jack.

17 students file suit over school drug raid

Seventeen Stratford High School students are suing the city of Goose Creek and the Berkeley County school district in federal court, alleging police and school officials terrorized them in a drug raid last month.

Good for them. Their civil rights were violated, quite blatantly, and on video. Teenagers have enough problems without having to deal with adult bullies as well. Schools are for education, not threatening kids with such horribly tactics.

Raid at High School Leads to Racial Divide, Not Drugs

The trio of stories that came our this week, are telling us more about the situation. Was it racial? Kids from all races are susceptible to drugs, so why were 2/3rd’s of the 107 students detained black? If the school had actual surveillance of drug use/selling going on, they why didn’t they just turn those tapes over and get those select few, instead of a potentially dangerous situation in a school. One feather-triggered gun, and we’d have problems.

We’re running to a situation of where teachers are showing that they’re afraid of students. Afraid of actually confronting them and “fighting their own fight”, they’re showing that they’re not capable of maintaining order in that school. If it’s that bad of a problem, the the principal needs to go.