iBooks, eBay and the Married Man.

December 22, 2003

** December 22, 2003 **

I added a post called, “lasting longer{.liinternal}“, last month that talked about how I sold a laptop and now we’re a single computer household. Due to circumstances, I couldn’t exactly post what my problem was, so I thought I would today…..

iBooks, eBay and the Married Man.

We are now a single computer household. I eBayed the Windows laptop we had and now we’re sharing the iBook. I plan on keeping the iBook for a while with a memory upgrade coming soon. I’ll possibly updated it with Panther and set Niki up with her own login. I’m still formalizing my plan.

Thankfully I sold the Compaq before eBay suspended me for not changing my phone number to my current one. I overlooked it when we dropped our analog line and now I’m struggling to get my account back. I’ve had 100% positive feedback and now I’m suspended because my phone wasn’t changed, talk about bullshit. I’ve had to calm the nerves of a couple of people who’s winnings are in-route, just to let them know I wasn’t cheating them.

So now I’m dealing with eBay’s “Safe Harbor”, their little security group. There is *no* direct method of contacting them other than email. When I send three emails and hear nothing back, I get worried. In a situation like this, I’d much rather talk to someone than be dealt with in a cold manner like ebay’s currently doing. Plus, finding eBay’s contact info is like pulling teeth. I didn’t find my contact numbers on eBay’s site, but the Auction Guild site that’s currently on my sideblog had a number.

I used one of the 1-800 numbers listed on the guild’s page and spoke to a nice receptionist who looked into my account. What I found out, is that Safe Harbor should have escalated the email within 6-8 hours. They haven’t. While eBay is a wonderful thing, I’m getting screwed.

** update **

Each time I received an email, they asked what time I would like to be contacted. Each time, I stated to contact me after 4pm est. Guess what? The first call I received from them, was at 2pm on Thanksgiving day and the person I spoke to had not a clue about what was going on. I then received an email to which I responded my disappointment that while they request a time, they do not honor it…and call during Thanksgiving dinner.

So they called back, after 4pm….about 4:02. And were rather smug about calling me back….actually condescending. I told the man what the problem was and they added the phone number to my account. I could then login….so the suspension was lifted.

It took me 2 weeks to get my account back, after not having a correct phone number. Yes, I should have changed it earlier, but (in my honest opinion) it’s in the eBay owned PayPal system so while some of their databases are joined…customer info isn’t.

** December 22, 2003 **

While I investigated the Safe Harbor method of eBay, I also found numerous examples of how eBay would pull accounts of people who criticized them publicly (although do it on your own site and not on eBay’s boards), so I at least wanted to wait until I got my account back and my clients taken care of before I put this online.