Last Post of 2003

December 31, 2003

Instead of writing a “Top 10” list about my favorite x all year, I thought I would write about what has been both an up and down year for me, my family and my friends.


Had one of the best vacations in memory. Rented a condo with my best friends and watched the gulf while drinking something cold and relaxing. We went on this vacation, mainly to start a tradition and also because we knew this would be our last vacation without children. We could sit back and relax, without worrying about diapers. They found out they were expecting last month, so I’ll be uncle Mike in 2004.

Creatively, this has been one of my best years. I’ve worked on many many brochures, ads, billboards, and websites. Each (well almost) have been a creative experience and a way to learn something new.

A start of a new business involving weblogs. Behind the scenes I’ve been pitching weblogs to some of our local media groups. While some don’t know what quite to think about us webloggers, I think I’ve bent enough ears that something will eventually come from my efforts. I really like the format and think it’s a great way, not only for individuals, but also companies to get news online and information out to the public.

My personal business getting busier!

Getting music back into my life….if even for a small moment. My friends in Moe Savvy, needed a fill-in drummer. So I did and it rekindled my love of music.

I’ve gotten closer to members of my family.

My wife Niki, has almost beaten her kidney condition, FSGS. Her protein levels are getting back to normal, from the ultra high (unbelievably high) levels from her initial diagnosis. We’re currently in the process of weaning her body off of the drug cocktails she’s been taking. This was the best news of the year.


We lost some good friends this year. Jimmy, David, & Phil we’re really gonna miss you.

We’ve been so busy that getting our heads above water was near impossible. Putting time into the schedule to exercise and even eat has been difficult.

While I’ve had a great year creatively, nothing much has come of it. So I’m currently reevaluating what the next steps gonna be. My opinions of what needed to be done have been shelved so we can again restart and renew.

Financially this year sucked. Sucked bad. It’s the reason I’ve stepped up my efforts on the side business.

No house this year, but we’re still gonna try for January 2005.

I have a couple of friends who really need a good job. So if you’re looking for a web designer, computer admin (GT Computer Engineering Grad.), or salesman/manager…all with skills beyond belief, let me know.