January 6, 2004

I’ve never killed a keyboard before, but I did either yesterday or today. My Apple Pro Keyboard, bit the dust probably from a drop or two of water that landed on it. Thought it didn’t get in, but somehow it did. Plus I didn’t do what I normally do for keyboard spills…..disconnect the keyboard then place in front of a fan overnight. You’re drying up the liquid and removing the possibility of creating a short by leaving it plugged in.

So anyways, I didn’t do that. I did as much work as I could with a mouse and without the use of my spacebar and the lower line of a QWERTY keyboard. I also got tired of waiting on a replacement, so I ran out to Office Depot and purchased a Microsoft Wireless Keyboard & Mouse combo. Got it on sale too. The setup was easy and I have some of the keys mapped to make up for my missing “eject” key on the Apple. The Microsoft software installs fine and maps some of the keys to be useful. Reversing the alt & start keys was a good measure they took care of in the install.

I’m really picky on my keyboards, I tend to like the Apple and the old IBM boards, with a few old Compaqs in there as well. My main keyboard for years, was rescued from the trash before I took possession of it. It was an old Compaq that was missing a few keys, though none I really use were missing….plus I could salvage the board from one I had. That (probably 1996 Compaq) keyboard along with my original 1994 Compaq (pre-Windows key) were working great until I switched to an Apple Macintosh. It killed me, but I either sold em or trashed em…