January 13, 2004

Hey, I’ve been comment spammed to death, getting about 250 messages in about 2 hours. So I’ve cut off the comments for now while I clean the crap up and block google and everyone through robots.txt.

The spams are coming through a couple of different IPs, so I’m in the middle of contacting bloghosts and the the feds to sort this out.

Kinda creepy, but my support ticket # from bloghosts is #666.

** UPDATE **

I would first like to thank Jay Allen for his wonderful MT-Blacklist add-on to Movable Type. It cleared out about 250-270 messages that came though my comment system through the span of a couple of hours. For now, I’ve removed the ability to comment on a post, but will add that back in the coming days.

If you want to contact me, try mkelley at the domain you’re visiting, My actual personal, low spam, mailbox is full of comment spams at the moment. ** or you can still use the “Contact” page, available to your right.


Most comments are closed, but I’m in the process of opening back a few. The “Learning HTML” post now has comments. Sideblog is still open as well.