Ruby Vroom

January 25, 2004

Well, we got the car….

I spent a grand total of an hour going through loan payments and signing my name on various contracts. If anyone in the Chattanooga-area needs a nice car, I’d recommend Trotter Buick and I’ll gladly pass along a salesman’s name if you email me. They will work with any credit problems A+.

Like I mentioned earlier, it’s a Chevy Malibu. It’s not as big as an Impala, but it’s in the middle of their sedans. Our little Geo Prism looks tiny side by side with the new car. We took it on a vast 100 mile breaking-in drive last night, testing out a couple of CDs and completely revving the V6 up to beyond a safe speed.

So we’re driving our new red car like new parents, both happy and scared. I’ve been driving it for most of the weekend and I haven’t found a problem with it yet. We keep feeling like the other shoe hasn’t dropped yet and wondering where the “but…” is. We got a good deal and just can’t believe we’re not getting screwed somewhere.