January 28, 2004

Last year, I “redesigned” mkelley.net about 3 times. In total the site has had about 10 redesigns in almost 4 years. In the beginning, most of the redesigns were more about the learning process. The how and why’s of making a site look nice for public consumption. Later, it was almost a race to see what I could get away with. But for the most part, this is the design that mkelley.net will stick with for a while. Sure they’re three designs in total, but the blue design will be the main one for the next year.

After a few months, I would look back and kinda wonder what needed to be changed. Then I’d look around the web and just see where the design was lacking. I still do that, but it’s more on the internal structure of the site now, than a complete stylistic change.

I’ve been looking through the code and I’d like to change how certain parts of the site are coded. The comment blocks are a mess and I’m not happy with the structure of the code. It’s all behind the scenes-type of work and hopefully it won’t bother anyone but me.

I have three sites that need to be out in the next month, so this would all be dependent upon those being released, as my time seems to be completely booked to the point that even doing something like learning PHP or reading a book seems like a little break and perhaps a delay in getting things done.