January 30, 2004

I’ve been working on a couple of site-relates issues.

  1. For now, the siteswitcher is gone. While it worked in every browser I tested, Camino would crash when I tried to change the stylesheet. I did a bit of testing and somehow the javascript that pulls in the AdSense ads and the javascript of the switcher do not like each other. So I’m going to look for a couple of alternatives. So in the meantime, the blue theme is the default. The javascript is still place if you’d like to keep your selection, or you can change it on my test page{.liinternal}

  2. I haven’t been happy with how the comments have looked. So I went back and restyled the comments to my satisfaction. In the process, I also threw out SimpleComments, since I don’t get a lot of trackbacks…and some of the newer MT updates are said to futz with SimpleComments.

  3. I haven’t updated to the latest Movable Type, mainly because of the way it redirects links. I’m working a redirecting script currently, that’s not mine and works a little cleaner than the MT solution. Or I could just redirect through Google, like on the Blogger homepage. (look at the url, to see the process.)