Wardrobe Malfunction

February 2, 2004

Since I’m not a huge football fan, we only watched about 30 minutes of the Super Bowl and the (now) infamous halftime show. I thought that Janet Jackson’s performance was a little too staged, basically from her lip-syncing and the planned/not-planned breast peak-a-boo with non-lip syncing Justin Timberlake. Kid Rock was the only thing that saved that performance, and you could tell he got the crowd going. Kinda made us want to go to his upcoming show this month.

“wardrobe malfunction”…..as in, “Bob, you’re fly’s open”. Seriously, I love PR people at times. I expect “wardrobe malfunction” to become the “Shock and Awe” of 2004….as in, “Bob, you’re having a little wardrobe malfunction down below.”

It looked to be an interesting game, not as interesting at the Titans game a few years ago, but one that held people to the last minute. I’ve never understood the reasoning behind the spectacular that is the Super Bowl. It’s probably more about tradition now, and more about selling ads. But not really being a football fan, I’m never gonna be in their target audience.

And yes, my sources were completely wrong on the whole Van Halen performance at the big game. It would have been the saving grace, but with MTV producing and their idea of a “surprise guest” being Justin Timberlake, I knew from the start it wasn’t gonna happen. MTV is only hip until you’re in your 20s, then you realize what a phony piece of shit network, they’ve become. Maybe next year, we’ll have the VH1 “Bands Reunited” halftime show with

Kajagoogoo, Extreme, & Van Halen.