State’s Rights

February 6, 2004

General Clark was in town yesterday and our local talk radio guys, had him on this morning (via phone) and asked him a few questions. The one I found interesting was about his stance on gay marriage.

Jeff: “What are you’re views on gay marriage”

Clark: “I do not support gay marriage, but I do believe it’s up to the states to decide.”

That is a core Republican belief. Not the whole “I do not support gay marriage” thing, but the part about “it’s up to the states”. That’s what the two parties were initially about: States Rights (GOP) & Big Government (DNC).

I’m not sure when the two parties switched idealism, but now it’s all about being conservative vs. liberal….right vs. left. When I learned government in school, the ideals of states being in control of their own citizens made me support the Republicans. The ideal that for a lot of issues, there were people over 500 miles away making a decision about my life, not knowing anything about my town. The (then) DNC side, amounted to the government acting like an overprotective mother over every person…cigarette labels & seat belt laws for example.

Somewhere along the line, the Republicans switched to become some moralist party that was something akin to the The Prohibition Party , who ushered in temperance and prohibition. (look through their site, and it’s almost a current Republican belief system) And by doing so, they’re now believers of big government and of being the moral watchdog of the entire USA. Not to let the Dems off the hook, you’re a bunch of loons too. Look at Al Sharpton ‘s top ten reasons for running (to Al: education was screwed before Bush, Universal Health Care would destroy this nation more than any .com bust, and statehood for DC?).

I’m not preaching from a tower, but seriously…make up your minds. Is this just an evolution of a party? It’s almost too late for Nader to run and the last thing we need is another professional politician in office. Honestly, no matter who we choose, they’re gonna screw us over.