Kiss of Death

February 9, 2004

I’m honestly working on at least a half-dozen projects that all have a deadline of March 1. So in order to get those out the door and to take care of a couple of personal issues, I’m taking some time away from the weblog. I need to get my head back together and pulling away from the weblog is one way to do so.

This weblog, and the sideblog, will not be updated until March 1st. I promise I’m coming back, honest!

** update 2/14/2004 **

I need someone to take a look at Drumblog on Windows. My VirtualPC is dead and I really need a screenshot of how it looks under IE 6 and Mozilla. I know it doesn’t validate, but I’m working on it.

** Update 2/17/2004 **

I’m getting just swamped with spam to my main email address. I’m about to crank the filtering up to 11. So I’m moving my main address to mike at the domain you’re visiting. The mkelley email address will still be around, but heavily filtered and unused for personal contacts…or better yet, you can use the Contact form on the site, as it still goes into the same mailbox.